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FunTech Mission

To create engaging and enriching learning experiences that empower the next generation to create, engineer and use technology.


Past, present and future


FunTech was established in 1996 by Sheineez and Philip Barber with the intention to create a local ‘tech’ school to teach children and teenagers cutting-edge tech skills.

FunTech has now evolved into a highly respected, multi-product, Ofsted registered school of innovative tech learning.

And today, we continue to pioneer the latest educational technologies, such as FunTech Virtual - our tutor-led virtual learning environment.



Employers believe coding is the skill most lacking in their company2

Employers look for coders when hiring entry level tech employees2

UK schools not offering GCSE Computer Science1


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Progressive learning

We pride ourselves on our innovative and fun approach to learning. Our unique curriculum, designed in-house by our talented development team, ensures your child will be engaged and motivated to learn. It’s why the BBC has described FunTech as “…having a solid reputation for both using the latest technology and innovative teaching techniques…”.

Skilled tech tutors

We only employ outstanding tutors. Professional, technically skilled and inspirational are just some of the prerequisites required to become a FunTech tutor. Our training procedure is rigorous and effective - ensuring excellence in the delivery of our curriculum and providing stimulating, interactive lessons.

“FunTech noticed my son's strengths as soon as they met him and it boosted his confidence more than you can imagine! With excellent support from all the teachers and staff he completed his GCSE two years early, and was thrilled to get an A. He learnt so much about how to study too, which he can now take through to his other courses.”


28+ Years’ Experience

Small Class Sizes

Ofsted Registered

Structured Curriculum