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FunTech Virtual vs. One-way Broadcast

With over 25 years teaching experience, we know being able to see every student's screen is crucial to delivering a successful lesson. It allows our tutors to respond immediately if a student needs support, give them a nudge if their attention wanders or set your child new tasks if they've finished ahead of others.

With FunTech Virtual, our tutors have a continual view of student’s screens.

On the other hand, a one-way broadcast session is a lesson that gets delivered in real time to your child’s computer with options to stream a video of their tutor, voice communication and a messaging facility. Whilst this is a good way to present concepts, it doesn’t allow a tutor to view every child's screen concurrently.


“Jake has absolutely loved the interaction online, the teaching has been fantastic and the whole process has been a pleasure from start to finish.”

Jonathan (parent)


How does it work?

  • Your child will receive an online account
  • Simply log in, view the schedule and join their virtual lesson
  • Our expert tutor will guide your child through the lesson


What equipment do I need?



* Minimum specification required. Please check our website course page for details.

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