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Rent or Bring
Your Own Laptop

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Bring Your Own Laptop

To give you maximum flexibility, our camps give you the option to either bring your own laptop or rent one from FunTech.

If you decide to bring your own laptop it’s crucial that the necessary software required for the course is installed on the laptop before your child arrives at the camp. They will also need admin access on the device.

Upon the receipt of full payment starting from July 1st, installation instructions will be available on your FunTech Parent Portal. We offer free technical support to assist you during this process.

If the course software is not installed when your child arrives at the camp, FunTech can install it for them at an additional charge of £55 . Please keep in mind that this may result in your child missing out on some parts of the course.

Important Considerations

    Chromebooks and iPads are not supported

Please be aware that laptops provided by schools or workplaces may have restrictions that could affect their usability.

Laptop Rental

You also have the convenience of renting a FunTech laptop with all the necessary software pre-installed at a rate of £60 per week. This option can be selected as an extra during the booking process.

Please note that laptops cannot be rented upon arrival at the camp and must be arranged in advance.

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