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Virtual Camps

Unveiling a Two-Part Adventure!

All our camp courses consist of 30 hours of immersive learning (excluding breaks) covering concepts from beginner to advanced levels – designed to provide your child with a comprehensive and well-rounded learning experience.

However, in order to give you maximum flexibility, we have divided our course into two parts…

Maximum Flexibility & Affordable Fees

This approach allows you to tailor your camp experience to fit your schedule and budget preferences. You have the option to book each part separately, whether it’s in different weeks or different seasons.

Alternatively, if you’re seeking a more intensive learning journey, we also offer the opportunity to complete both parts in a single week. This option provides an accelerated and immersive experience, perfect for those who prefer a concentrated learning environment.

Fees from £255

In Part 1, the duration spans from Monday to Friday, with a total of 15 hours of engaging learning (3 hours per day). This section focuses on beginner to intermediate topics, aiming to establish a strong foundation for your child’s knowledge and skills. Starting from £255, our fees ensure accessibility and affordability.

Moving on to Part 2, it builds upon the foundation laid in Part 1. With the same duration of Monday to Friday, totalling 15 hours (3 hours per day), this section delves into advanced level topics. The objective is to enable your child to learn and explore more complex concepts, further enhancing their expertise. Just like Part 1, the fees for Part 2 also start from £255, ensuring that this valuable learning opportunity remains accessible to all.

By structuring the course into two parts, we provide a seamless progression for your child’s educational journey. Whether they are seeking to establish a strong foundation or delve into advanced concepts, our Virtual Camp Course offers a well-rounded and comprehensive experience.

Reduced Class Size

As part of an additional improvement, we have reduced the average number of students per virtual class to merely four, with a maximum limit of six. This guarantees that your child receives undivided attention from their tutor.

Specialist virtual teaching technology (not Zoom or Teams)

Our tutors use specialist virtual teaching technology, which means they have continuous sight of all their student’s screen throughout the session.

This capability enables our tutors to respond immediately if a student needs support, give them a nudge if their attention wanders or set them a new task if they’ve finished ahead of the others, ensuring that your child’s skills are honed to their maximum potential.

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